Shopping in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

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Shopping in Phuket? Here you will find all size of shops for art, souvenirs, supermarkets and so on, as well as the big Malls, duty free shops (huge) and factory outlets. Shopping is another favorite Phuket activity, and visitors will find that Thais are equally enthusiastic about finding bargains and authentic products while shopping. Phuket is notoriously expensive, and while tourists can expect to pay more here than they would elsewhere in the country, merchandise remains inexpensive by Western standards. Large scale Phuket shopping centers are found in Phuket Town, while gift shops and boutiques are concentrated in resorts and along beaches. Karon is another popular Phuket shopping district. For a glimpse at daily life in Thailand, head to a local market place where you’ll find food products, inexpensive souvenirs, clothing and household goods. Thai silk is particularly popular and comes in a variety of forms. Custom tailoring is widely available, and many visitors choose to buy silk fabric and take it to a tailor to have an outfit made. Given the number of tailoring shops on hand, it is smart to shop around before settling. Avoid ‘express’ or ‘overnight’ tailoring, as clothing quality usually suffers. Any respectable tailor will want you to return once or twice for intermittent fittings. Thai handicrafts are found wherever tourists venture, though they’re not nearly as widespread here as in northern Thailand. Home furnishings and souvenirs often feature seashells or tropical themes. Also look for gold, silver or jade jewelry, but be wary of making a major investment as fakes can be quite convincing. The same applies to purchasing antique items, the cheapest of which are usually not as old as they appear. This being said, Phuket boasts some excellent antique shops. There are tight regulations in force limiting the export of ‘national treasures’, Buddha images and antiques, and reputable dealers will arrange all of the necessary paperwork for you. All in all Phuket is very well equipped for all kind of Shopping needs for all ages!

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