Phuket, Thailand

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The tradition of tailoring dates back to the early eighteenth century and although the fabric and craftsmanship have changed slightly the work of the tailors has remained virtually the same. Nowadays there are two types of tailors: the first is what is known as a bespoke tailor which refers to the art of making clothing from scratch using personalized measurements taken from each client; the second is known as customized tailoring and refers to clothing that is made from a predetermined pattern and adjusted to fit the individual. In Phuket you will mostly find the latter mentioned tailor. Although their clothing is made by predetermined patterns, the choice of fabrics, colours and styles are still vast ensuring that each customer does receive a unique piece of clothing specifically designed for them. Traditionally a tailor used to only make men's clothing and suits but, as the times have changed, more and more tailors are branching out to include such items as men's and women's suits, jackets, dresses, dress shirts, ties and outer wear. The selection of fabrics has changed also, allowing for more delicate materials such as kashmir and silk to be used. Although there are many tailors in Phuket, we still suggest doing a bit of research to find the ones with the best reputation as well as length of operation. While most tailors are quick at completing their clothing it is also recommended that you visit the tailor at the start of your holiday to ensure you get as many fittings as needed to guarantee a perfect fit. It may also be advisable to take in images or existing clothing that you want replicated so there are no surprises or misunderstandings when it comes time to pay.

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